How Children's Literature has Changed, and Been Changed by Society
Jim Thompson 10/21/19 
Children's books are a ubiquitous part of our culture. They form the basis from which most kids learn to read as well as their first cultural experience and memory. Most children's books are also a child's first experience hearing about something without actually being there to experience it. This makes those books are essential in the development of a child. This is why I wanted to look into children's books, they are so crucial to children and thus overall societies further development, and more attention should be paid to them. One specific thing that I noticed while looking into changes in children's literature was the change based on time. Most things change with time, but children's books seem to have been one of the more affected parts of literature. We still read older books and stories in later years of school or as adults, but it is very rare for parents to rea…

IOC Practice

Political Cartoon Analysis

Sam Abraham 12/6/18

The political cartoon that I chose to analyze features Trump holding a bazooka labeled "trade war" attempting to fire on China. The back blast, however hits a Trump voter taking off their head. This is meant to represent the tariffs and trade war that he started with China. The cartoon portrays the trade war as an ill-conceived plan that does nothing to China while simultaneously hurting his own voter base. The cartoon indirectly also portrays Trump as incompetent or unaware. He is confused and ends up firing the bazooka and hurting one of his voters directly while apparently doing very little to China. Indirectly, the cartoon portrays him as unable to act in a productive way to help the people who voted for him in the real world. When portraying this the author exaggerates Trumps features, especially his yellow blond hair. This is to create a strong image in the viewer's mind of Trump next to a headless Trump voter so that above all else the take away …

Bias in The Media Article Analysis

PURPOSE: To criticize Trump's approach to student loans
DEVICES:Pathos: The article uses fear to back up its argument. Statements like “his stance on student loans could spell trouble for liberal arts majors” at the beginning of the article start the reader off with a negative or fearful feeling about the topic despite no evidence having been presented at that point in the article. This creates a lens through which the reader sees the article and influences their opinions. This combined with the headline “This is Trump's stance on student loans - and it could hurt poor students” makes it seem to the reader like someone or even themselves is in imminent danger and needs to oppose the idea being explored by the article. This happens before any evidence or description of the problem is presented that can either bring substance to this fear or prove that it is baseless forcing the reader to be against the idea from the start.Pronouns: This article focuses on Donald Trump's prop…
Gender In Advertising 
1.The advertisements have different images and are laid out slightly different from one another, the picture switches sides from the left on the boy's ad to the right on the girl's ad. The position and expression of the children in the ad change from a more active or dynamic expression for the boy to a calm expression for the girl. The text and advertising points are also different and appeal to how the child is expected to behave.2.I personally never had an opinion about the GAP but this ad comparison shows the different expectations the company has for boys and girls. The company is trying to appeal to what it believes are the character traits of the 2 genders at this age regardless of their accuracy.
3.I think that the portrayal of boys and girls is very stereotypical for kids that age. Girls are expected to become social butterflies and be outgoing and friendly while boys are expected to be smart and active with lots of energy at school. The girls are…
I think that like most people, doing what I like makes me happiest. Working on projects or building something that interests me without the stress of deadlines or work I don't want to do. I think that a national happiness index would be an interesting thing to try.the results however I don't think should affect national policy because people's definitions of happiness can be very different. Some people's happiness could even be the exact opposite of happiness for others. This could lead to conflict in terms of actual policy but it still would be an interesting study to do. I think that because of this there is also no one way to measure happiness. Happiness is relative to what makes you unhappy. Some persons definition of perfection could still be below the definition of someone else's unhappiness. Kurt Vonnegut's article, I've Been Called A Luddite, talks about how he remembers  time before technology was involved in all that we do. He talks about the expe…
Today I was asked  in class to analyze advertising and compare two advertisements. I chose to do  print car advertisements.

The first advertisement I chose to analyze was an ad for an affordable minivan. The ad is for an everyday car and follows a theme of comparison. The ad for the minivan is simple and has one image of the car on a background of white text. This keeps the focus on the image and does not clutter up or confuse the eyes. At the top of the add there is a large bold statement meant to compare the car to a much more expensive car. The advertisement is aimed at new car buyers. The car company in question is Daihatsu, a Japanese company famous for making small cars. The perspective of the advertisement seems to be that of someone who is interested in cars for their cool factor or how they are perceived in society. This is because of the ad’s statement, “Picks up five times more women than a Lamborghini”. This statement also show that the te target audience is most likely men…